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Intuitive Healer, Divine Messenger
Reiki Master and Teacher

Ann Fitzpatrick

I grew up in the West of Ireland and am one of four children. I'm lucky enough to come from a family of intuitives - I am one of three sisters who have tapped into our gifts. Even from a young age I was very intuitive and had the ability to see and understand things that others could not, and for a very long time I did not understand how others could not see and understand as I did.

At the age of nine my father passed away suddenly and it left me completely devastated and broken hearted. I begin to retreat inwards and it's during this time an amazing thing happened, I began to see and experience spirit on a whole new level. I could feel my dad around me, I could see him and I could hear him. It was this time with my dad that got me through the first few years after his death and in a way it was training me for the person I am today.

I moved to Boston when I was 19 and I made Boston my home. As I let my intuition guide me I always found where I needed to be, but keeping it hidden and not really tapping into it until after the death of my uncle, who came to me a few months after his death and it was this visitation that set in motion events that led me to spend the last several years developing my gifts and started me on my own personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening. It's through my own personal journey of healing and self-discovery that I realized we all have the power to heal and I wanted to help and inspire others to find the peace within and to restore balance in their lives.

Also, throughout my journey I realized how important it is for children to have spiritual guidance from a young age, showing them how to find peace and balance within, thus enabling them to access their innate ability for healing early on in life. This gives our children the vital tools to help deal with stressful situations that they may be faced with throughout their lives. Hence, I began working and specializing with children of all ages. Through my work I've discovered that children are so open, they enjoy Reiki healing and receive enormous benefits from energy work. This has led me to begin creating a safe haven for children called Little Doves.

My passion is to help adults and especially our precious children on their journey of self-discovery.

Light and Love & Celtic Blessings,


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